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The New Power Fund

What is New Power?

The New Power strategy, at its core, is an impact investing strategy. New Power has a fundamental goal to have a positive impact with the investments we choose. New Power has roots in emerging technology, clean energy production models, industry game changers and incumbent-disruptors. Along with earning a risk-adjusted return greater than the benchmark, we seek to provide industry support to sectors we see as effective positive change makers. Be they established or emerging industries, we are supporting the companies and technologies that we feel have positive social and environmental impacts.


  1. Put your money with the Science. Support the technologies that have a proven track record. 
  2. Drive Investor capital to support industries positioned to make major positive changes (Globally).
  3. Support 501(c)3's and other non-profit organizations that operate in sustainability sectors. 

This is an investment strategy that captures great entrepreneurial passion for the future. Above all else, New Power has the mandate to abstain from investments with unaccounted-for negative external costs to society. We are determined to use the New Power strategy to expose our investors to the incredibly powerful positive changes occurring globally.

Join us for our event with the Rocky Mountain Institute 

 - March 22, 2018 - 

Investing in Climate Science


The following are some of the industries/sectors that we find interesting. Organized roughly into investment sleeves, New Power is always in balance.

- Energy Evolution -

The energy evolution sleeve of The New Power Fund is dedicated to the idea that new energy technology is a winning investment model. We are convicted that investments in the following technologies will accomplish our New Power Goals:

Solar, Wind, Geothermal, Wave and Tidal Power generation, Energy Efficiency, Batteries and Energy Storage, Efficient Transportation, Distributed Energy Grids, Smart Grid Technologies, Liquefied Natural Gas, Waste to Energy

- Sector Innovation - 

Riding the wave is one thing, but making a wave to ride is another. Sector innovation can come in many forms. We see these industries and technologies as targets for our investment:

Green Construction, Clean Air/ Water, Recycling, Organic Food, Mobile Innovations, E-Wallet and Payment systems, internet of things, Geo-Spacial Cities, Sustainable Food Production, Methane Capture, Smart Business Services, Automation, Cyber Security and Blockchain, Social Media, 3-D printing

- Impact Investing -

Balancing investor returns while making positive change. We measure our impact investments with the "three E's" of sustainability: Economy, Ecology, and Equity. All of the companies present in the New Power Fund are driving the needle toward positive social and economic change while avoiding negative external costs. 

 Account Types:

The New Power Fund is appropriate for all eligible retirement and non-retirement account types. 

New Power Performance

The New Power VAMI (Value Added Monthly Index) chart shows the growth of a $1,000 investment since inception. We have made many strategy adjustments over the years and never seek to hide them from our investors. We are committed to providing transparent and complete information for all of our strategies and do not present "back-tested" results.

Why New Power Fund?

The New Power fund takes impact investing to the next level. All Season Financial Advisors is bringing 25 years of tactical risk management and technical market insight to the table while exposing investors to diverse sectors and supporting companies who we believe have the potential to not only make a return on investment, but will foster positive change while doing it.

What is IMPACT Investing?

Impact investing is investing with a purpose. Prudent impact investments generating social and environmental impact along with a financial return. Impact investments come in many shapes and sizes. Investors who are concerned with energy transition and a fossil fuel free future will invest in solar, wind, battery and other technologies. Those concerned with ocean cleanliness and wildlife preservation may invest in sustainable fisheries, coastal ecosystem regeneration projects or plastic pollution cleanup and mitigation. Impact investors are driving money into industries that they see as winners, and out of those that they see as losers or detractors from the greater good. 

Why is IMPACT investing important?

In the current era of highly concentrated wealth, we are required to make smarter decisions with our investments. We at All Season Financial Advisors feel that combating global issues (i.e. Climate Change, fresh water systems, energy scarcity) is not only important and noble but an opportunity to invest in a profitable future. 

We want to serve clients who are willing to incorporate their personal values into their financial decisions. We do not mean that investing with your gut is how you should allocate 100% of your investments, but that prudent investors keen for IMPACT investing will chose to support companies and industries that run parallel to their ethics, character, and values.

Sustainable, Responsible, Impact Investing (SRI)
How to open a New Power account

Generally, we recommend that households interested in impact investments allocate 10-20% of their investable assets to the New Power Fund. The minimum recommended account balance is $50,000. If you are interested in having some questions answered or an account established, or have your current portfolio stress tested, visit our Getting Started Page and submit your contact information and questions. We will happily answer your questions and get your account opening process under way.


Impact Investing: Insights to Enlighten  

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How we support the Community:

ASFA donates up to 10% of net revenues annually generated by the New Power Fund to the following 501(c)3 organizations in order to promote a better understanding of science, impact investing  and our world: