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Events & Resources

Our Solution Series workshops offer pure financial education from wealth partners in financial planning, tax strategy, legacy planning and investments.  These live workshops are recorded and delivered as video content.

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April 2020 MArket Update 

March 2020 Market update

Solution Series: January 2020 Investment Discussion 

SECURE Act: Podcast

SECURE Act Podcast

Tax Strategies that help build wealth: Podcast

Tax Strategies That Help Build Wealth

solution series: death and taxes pt. 1

In this Solution Series, the topics of probate and trusts are covered in detail.

solution series: death and taxes pt. 2

In this Solution Series, Mary Balson talks about the top five myths regarding probate and trusts in detail. 

solution series: death and taxes pt. 3

In this Solution Series, the topic of gifting is discussed as well as giving away family-owned assets.

solution series: death and taxes pt. 4

In this Solution Series, Retirement Plan Beneficiary Designations are discussed in detail as well as the new SECURE act.

May 2019 Solution Series: Tax Efficient Investing 

This solution series involves the unveiling of new strategies that we will be using in September and adapting to the new stock market. We are evolving our strategies and will continue to improve our practices.  

Solution Series: Tax cuts & job Act/ individual & small business issues. December 2018

This solution series explores the new tax rates in the upcoming years and how each tax bracket will be affected. Dustin Nelson dives in to the affects that these new tax cuts & job act will have on small business owners as well as individual tax payers.

Back to School and College Presentation 8.17.17

This video dives into the appropriate documents you will need to prepare before your child goes off to college, how to lookout for scams, and how to deal with student loans once graduated. There are several articles that dive deep into the importance of all of these topics as well as touch on many more topics.

2017 Investment Forecast

In this video, Sam Jones will discuss the topics of market impact of the new administration, the aging bull market and how long it can last, opportunities and threats that we see, and then touch on our very own ASFA Exceptional Strategies project.  

Solution Series Webinar "10 Reasons Why New Power is Ready to Run (Again)"

This Solution Series webinar touches on new power and the power of technology. Solar power is discussed in this webinar and we also talk about Solar power being a technology and not a fuel. Sam also discusses the prices of fuel and what we can expect to come in the future.

The Real Costs Of Investing

The real costs of investing are described in this video. The inherent costs are talked about as well as the different costs of asset management. Sam also talks about the flaws in the pitch of low cost investing. Just because something is cheaper does not necessarily make it better. He then talks about the best bang for your buck and how to use your money in the best ways possible.

Got Cash?

This Solution Series is about the whole dynamic of money management. Sam goes through assumptions that we can make about our money and about some common  mistakes that people will make when managing their money. After discussing the mistakes, Sam talks about four different strategies that you can invest your money into.