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Lighthouse Project


Anyone familiar with the ad campaigns from Motel 6?

Does Tom Bodett ring a bell?

As the story goes, the iconic phrase that runs through the Motel 6 ad campaigns started as an ad-lib from Tom back in the mid-80's.

The phrase-- “We’ll leave the light on for you” -- was a fantastic, down-home way to let customers know that Motel 6 cared about them. Thoughtful. Reassuring. This phrase was designed to evoke comfort after a long day of travel.

In a similar way—and perhaps, only slightly less iconic—our “Lighthouse Project” is designed to provide similar assurances to our clients / prospects.   

The Lighthouse Project was designed to provide some guidance on active 401k and other self-directed investment accounts not under our management. It never hurts to know the risk and return potential of what you own, especially if you are looking to retire in the next couple of years.

More specifically, we can review your risk exposure using our risk management platform. We can give you a consolidated view of your investments especially if you have multiple accounts in multiple places.

The main action items are to check your net exposure to stocks (US and non-US), find some investment options that are not correlated to the US stock market (commodities, select REIT’s, etc.), and look for ways to safely invest in short term bonds.

If you would like us to review your investments—especially if you are nearing retirement-- please feel free to reach out to us. We will send you a secure folder to upload your statements. There is no obligation on your part, and everything will remain confidential.

As always, we are standing by to help.

The Light Is On.