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Investing in Climate Science Recap

Investing In Climate Science Recap

            A huge thanks to all who braved the trip into Boulder to attend our first off campus Solution Series, hosted by The Rocky Mountain Institute (www.rmi.org).  We have been supporters of RMI as members of their own Solutions Council for years and I will shamelessly say, this non-profit organization is turning the needle on climate change.  They are doing the hard work to make change in policy, products, behavior, vision, and research right in the face of a rather hostile environment for all things progressive, clean and green.  RMI is also a source of research for our New Power strategy (www.newpowerfund.com)  where we are taking an ownership interest in game changing companies for our clients as shareholders.

         If you’re interested in getting caught up with their “Global Market Based Solutions to Climate Change”, I would encourage you to subscribe (free) to the RMI  Spark newsletter.  Here’s the link:   https://www.rmi.org/donate/subscribe/

         Interested Donors can also find plenty of opportunities to participate on their site through their Innovators circle or Solutions Council.

Recap of Discussion Points

         After a quick building tour where we walked through a Net Zero multilevel building complete with a vertical solar array acting as an exterior wall, we started a panel discussion moderated by our own, Sean Powers.

         Alex Glaser of Harbor Research and Thomas Blank of RMI opened our eyes to their worlds of innovative technology and Trends in the big industry, respectively.         

Topics covered included:

The Convergence of Energy Technology and Information Technology

The Internet of Things

Battery and Energy Storage

Smart Grid, Smart Home, Smart car and Smart Garage!

Modern utility models and pricing structures

The impact of tariffs on the solar industry

Electrification of the Transportation system

Investment options in all of the above

         The general sense from our audience was one of surprise.  Most of the attendees were not aware of how fast things are moving and the scale of dynamic change happening today in the way we address and use energy.  We presented options for investors including some preferred funds and ETFS as well as a “cheat sheet” of some leading stocks in each sectors.  Please let us know if you’d like a copy.

         Thank you again to everyone who made the trip and we plan to continue this education series perhaps doing a deeper dive into specific areas of interest.  And thank you to Megan Shean of RMI and Kris Dickey of All Season for making this event possible.

Stay tuned.

Sam Jones


All Season Financial Advisors, Inc.