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Fidelity Reduces Trading Fees

Fidelity Reduces Trading Fees


     Fidelity (our primary custodian) has long offered a $2 per trade discount from $9.95 to $7.95 to client’s that have agreed to receive their statements and trade confirmations via e-delivery. However, beginning, March 6, 2017, this fee will be reduced even more, to just $4.95 per trade!

     As a result, we highly recommend that anyone who is still receiving statements and trade confirmations via the US Postal Service (and still paying $9.95 per trade) to contact us so that we can assist you in signing up for e-delivery in order to receive the reduced trading fee. 

     All businesses should be aware of the “cost” of their primary function. All consumers should be wary of their spending on goods and services. As a fee-only (not fee-based) advisor we stand in a particularly interesting spot where we must balance the decision-making processes of buying and selling securities, the trading costs to our clients and management fees collected. We like to encourage savvy investing and are prepared to assist any clients who are interested in reviewing their trade confirmation and trade fee situation. 

     As always, we are inherently interested in Creating Wealth and Defending It, if we can lower your transaction cost through enrolling in online delivery of statements and trade confirmations, we perceive this as a win-win for all.


Enjoy your week.


Alex Osmond