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Calling All Cars- Part II

Calling All Cars – Part II

              What a treat, we get two opportunities to add money to our passive accounts in 2018.  Our first notice was on November 1st with instructions to add PART OF YOUR ANNUAL CONTRIBUTION LIMIT to passive accounts like 401k plans or education accounts.  Additionally, we suggested that investors could wait to actually invest the contribution in your portfolio of securities.  Now, the markets are either approaching or already experiencing bear market losses of 20% from the highs AND we have a few days left to flesh out those annual contributions! 

                I did so today for my kids 529 plans with final contributions.  That cash is going into my portfolio which is currently:

40% Aggressive Growth 

20% Bonds

40% Cash

Pretty conservative but my kids are a bit older and will need their money soon (ish). 

               In doing so, I will gain a bit of a tax break from the state of Colorado and add new money to my portfolio which is down a bit on a year.  We do not believe this is the final low of this bear market!  But it could easily be one of the last panic low moments in this tax year. 

              It always feels like death when putting money into a market that’s falling 2% a day.  But after 10 days of selling and one of the most extreme oversold conditions I have seen in several years, this is a good set up.  Do as I do and get er done!

As always, call us if you need help.


Sam Jones