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Active vs Passive Managers in 2017

Active vs Passive Managers in 2017


     For those who reviewed our 2017 Investment Forecast Presentation, you may recall our sentiment that conditions are ripe for passive returns to revert back to the mean, while active management styles may outperform the market. We feel that 2017 will be a differentiator year in regard to active and passive investment strategies and will favor those advisors who employ active styles. 

     Our insight leads us to believe that 2017 will provide the opportunity for active managers to weather the aging bull market as well as bear markets that may arise. Factors leading us to this conclusion include the tumultuous first act of our new president, central bank meetings and announcements, proposed foreign and tax policy, indicators in the Chinese economy among other factors. We feel strongly that in 2017 the active vs passive balance will favor the former, but no need for you to take our word for it, these topics are covered in detail in the Forbes article which should be reviewed as the entrée to this appetizer. 

Thank you for staying connected. We look forward to presenting more findings and insights as the vacancies in the presidential cabinet are filled and policy starts to solidify from rhetoric to action.



Alex Osmond