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Finding Value

I’ve been thinking a lot about this topic. We’ve moved forward in this economic phase to a place where value is being ignored and forgotten. In my years of experience, forgetting to focus our purchasing behavior on what is “valuable” is truly a mistake and one that can be devastating to your financial well being.

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If Not Now, Then When?

I’ve been managing money for a long time, 24 years to be exact. When you do anything for that long, you start to develop a few extra senses that are hard to describe. These senses nag at you as your brain absorbs information from research, observations, behavior, patterns, and other things that contribute to your perceptions about the future. It’s like a De Ja Vu experience where you know what’s going to happen but you can’t explain why (or even justify it with current evidence). For this update, I’m not going to provide a lot of evidence as much as simply describe what I’m feeling and sensing right now regarding a bunch of financial stuff. Take it for what it’s worth, which could be nothing beyond experiential guesswork.

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Market Waking Up

Well, it’s been a very dull month in the financial markets since our last update on July 12th, and I know most of you are paying more attention to your time with friends and family, but things are starting to move again with some notable new leadership and trends developing. We continue to believe the next 6-9 months are going to be critically important in terms of positioning your investments for what lies ahead.

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Investor Frustrations (Including Ours)

These are the hardest types of markets for experienced investors. Count us in the camp of those who are maxing out on frustration. This update will serve as a confession of sorts without wanting to sound defensive about our decision-making and current orientation of our three investment categories. This is an important moment for all investors to stick to their knitting so feel free to lean on our discipline if you need some mental support.

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Looking Back - Looking Ahead

It certainly has been an eventful first half of the year. There has been a lot more movement in markets— both up and down. We wanted to give you a few bullet points on what has occurred so far this year and where we see opportunity going forward.

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Stock Rebound is Failing

First, I apologize for being out of touch for the last couple weeks. We have lots of business “stuff” happening now including working with new households, integrating new software and working through some of our internal systems. It’s all good and you’ll see the benefits soon but I haven’t had time for more frequent market updates. Thankfully, there hasn’t been much to talk about… until now. Settle in.

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Blue Light Special

When I was a kid I remember “blue light” specials at K-mart. If you remember, the concept was to spark customer buying by offering a temporary sale in a department of the store. It seemed like a random process, but there was probably a science behind it.

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Your Current Investment Strategy Should Be Clear

I read a lot, I look at a lot of charts and I listen to a lot of client concerns during regular reviews. If I close my eyes and find that quiet place, I sense confusion in the system right now. Outside of the White House, there isn’t really much confusion if one assesses some simple truths leading us to some clear strategic choices with our money.

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Back to a WINning World

Gerald Ford brought the acronym, “W.I.N.” to the American public encouraging thrift and savings in the administration’s fight to Whip Inflation Now. They made cute buttons but I’m not sure that anyone would be dorky enough to wear one even in 1974. The evidence of what we see today is completely at odds with what we are told or hear regarding inflationary pressure that is building in the system. Here’s what we SEE and what every investor needs to know about where to put their money now.

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