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Big Bold Investments

This is not our first rodeo in terms of dealing with tough markets. And there are few instances (very few) in history when all major asset classes fall simultaneously as they just did in October. As the dust is settling, we’re finding pathways toward the future opening. This is what we’re really excited about now.

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October Free Fall - One for the Record Books

“A bad month. The S&P suffered 16 negative days in October, tied for 3rd worst since 1928 and the most since 1970. The pressure was enough to trigger a sell signal for a popular trend-following strategy, with a close below its 10-month average” – Jason Goepfert, Sentiment Trader.com 10/31/2018

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Calling All Cars!

Yes, this is the notice you’ve been waiting for.This is that all-important time zone when we should add some new money to our investment accounts if you have the means or need to do so before year end. This Calling All Cars is a tentative suggestion with considerations for different types of investors and larger cycle implications. Please read this update thoroughly and feel free to call us with questions or clarifications about your specific situations.

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Developing Opportunities

Taking losses is painful, especially in the short term. Emotions run high. Sometimes there is even a physical reaction as we extrapolate the worst. While we don’t like losses any more than you do, market moves, like we have seen the last couple weeks, do create some tremendous opportunities for us. Our portfolio approach tends to have us lose right along with the market for the first 5-10% decline as we raise cash. We raise the cash for a couple of reasons: 1.) to soften the blow should things get worse from here; and 2.) to allow us to take advantage of opportunities should volatility subside. As always, we will adhere to our process, scope out the opportunity, and react further as needed.

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The New Investing Environment

Well, here it is. The market environment has changed as our Net Exposure model indicated earlier this month. The “change” is really making it more difficult for investors on a lot of fronts, which we’ll discuss today. Also, the change requires that we adjust our approach and decision making criteria. Lots to take in.

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Will "Buy The Dip" Work This Time?

While we’re always big fans of buying anytime there is a discount, or a reasonable looking entry point, it appears to be too early to buy this dip right here, right now— unless you fancy yourself to be a short-term trader. In fact, we might need to wait longer than normal for our next opportunity to develop. Here’s what we see that indicates this decline may prove to be more than the standard price corrections we have seen in the last two to three years.Remember, these are good days for investors, when value and opportunity are on the rise as prices come back to more attractive levels. We are going to take a few lumps, yes, but that’s part of investing. But, we also try to keep our losses recoverable and our capital intact for that all-important time when real investors make real money.

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When Expectations and Reality Don't Agree

Bull market tops are messy. They can last a long time spanning 6 months to almost 2 years. We’re in that period of time now and in my experience, they can be very frustrating. Let us provide a quick update acknowledging how you might feel right now and finish with a reality check. Our intention to set expectations to better sync with current market conditions.

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Extreme Behavior

Every day, I find something that just blows my mind. Today I found four things. Two are just illustrations that support some of our recent commentary. This will be short and sweet.

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Unconventional Wisdom - Part 1 Billion

Regular readers know this is one of my favorite subjects. I’m hearing way too much consensus thinking now to sit by without saying something. As our Explicit Investing Creed states; We are seeking Success over a reasonable Judgment Period by knowing when to embrace and reject conventional wisdom… We are approaching another one of those times. I’ll offer up just a couple items now and how you might accommodate when conditions change.

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