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The Lighthouse Project

Is your portfolio prepared for a storm? What risk management triggers do you have in place? What variables are you monitoring to insure your exposure is targeted and maintained properly? These are the types of questions we are looking to answer when stress testing a portfolio and tailoring strategies for success in the future.

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Melt Up and the Best Investment For 2018

I really hate click bait and I apologize for that title. But it’s time to pay attention again. Trends in the financial markets are really accelerating so this is the time to open our minds and let things happen as they are without applying assumptions or perceptions about the future. A "melt up" in stock prices has been in place since last September despite just making the headlines now. I’ll finish with a refined amendment to Jonathan Clements’ smart piece in the Humble Dollar, “Best Investment 2018” written on 12/30/2017. Settle in.

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Special Update for 529 College Plan Savers

We have waited and waited all year long for a market discount to arrive offering us an opportunity to engage our long standing 529 Investor program. But alas, 2017 literally set the record for low volatility effectively blocking out any opportunity to add cash to our 529 plans at a market discount. So with only a few days remaining, here’s the best advice I can offer.

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Client Driven Q and A

Of course any conversation these days with clients can’t finish without discussing the BIG question; What’s going to happen next year? I’ll take a stab at it as my one and only 2018 Investment Forecast.

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Big Picture Decisions and Pirate Ninjas

Many of my conversations with clients in the last month seem to have a common theme. Specifically, the issues can all fit under the umbrella of questions surrounding the timing of larger financial decisions. This update will take the form of a Q and A. the “A” part is purely my opinion based on respective risks and opportunities as I see them now. I have been wrong a few times in my life. I hope this helps give you a little more input for those big-picture decisions you’re trying to make.

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Best Guess on Tax Reform

Welcome back from the Thanksgiving holiday. It’s always a favorite and I hope everyone had a chance to get a little goofy with friends and family, as life is just a bit too serious these days. This is a big week for the widely anticipated legislation on “sweeping” tax reform. The ball is in the Senate’s court. Here’s how I see things shaking out as well as three scenarios for a reaction from the US stock market.

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Are You Eligible to Invest in Stocks?

Based on valuation levels today and the true “Risk Capacity” found among investors, most households would probably not qualify to own stocks in any significant portion. This is an important update for everyone. Understanding Risk Capacity is critical to your survival as a career investor. Most don’t have a clue what that means and we are approaching another moment when it really matters.

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Big New Investment Opportunities

It’s going to be huge! It’s going to be really, really great. Ok, I’ll stop although I can’t imagine publically speaking like that. Seriously speaking, in the last couple of weeks, two of our three Big Investment Opportunities have already begun to take shape offering smart investors a value-oriented place to put your money. Hint, it’s not the S&P 500. For your ease of reading, I have put our shameless suggestions in BOLD throughout this update. Please do your own homework and remember that this does not constitute personal financial advice for anyone in particular.

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The Magic of the Gain Keeper Strategy

Continuing with our strategy insights theme, this update will provide a look under the hood at the unique management strategy we have developed inside our one and only variable annuity. Results have followed the excellent design. Enjoy.

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