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Leaders and Lessons

Since our last update, “Calling All Cars” when we suggested the technical set up for the market was good enough to invest some of your cash (1/3), we’ve seen more positive developments. But so far, the major market averages haven’t really gone anywhere. We’re still expecting higher prices from this level and here’s where you can find the relative strength leaders.

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Entering the Buy Zone?

I’ll be brief and to the point. The markets are now approaching another potential inflection point. Wise investors will be on the lookout for several important markers in their decision making.

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Check Your Pulse

Now that March is behind us and the markets have finally done the unthinkable act of going down over the course of a quarter, this is a great time to take your pulse and look inwards at your own Risk Capacity. Until you really know yourself and understand this concept, you’re going to be prone to making unproductive investment decisions. This commentary is oriented toward non ASFA clients who are struggling with what’s happening in the markets.

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Crazy Talk

I found myself shaking my head over breakfast while reading this article. I couldn’t disagree more with most of it, but there are a lot of topics discussed that are relevant to a discussion of today’s financial conditions, economics and investor behavior. For this update, please read along and enjoy my snarky commentary in Blue.

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Where Are the Opportunities Today?

It’s sort of bizarre for me to hear how so many are planning to just “sell everything” or may have already done so. Investors only seem to consider two options with their money – all in (index funds) or all out. Contrary to the last post which covered the somewhat bearish view of the markets from SIC 2018, I’m going to offer a round of relief for investors with this update on current and future opportunities. Remember, it’s a market of stocks, not a stock market.

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VERY Important Moment for Many Markets

VERY Important Moment for Many Markets I haven’t written in a while because there has been nothing new to write about. The rebound off the lows in mid-February continues. However, all except the Nasdaq 100 remain 2-3% below the peak set on January 26th. Now we have something important to say about an approaching critical moment for many “markets”.

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Predictable Market Pattern So Far

If you’re looking for markers, it would be likely that the S&P 500 would rebound back up to 2730 from here, almost 6% higher, and then we’d see another round of selling back to the current levels. Current levels mean the lows established by the overnight futures price action on February 5th, which was 2529 on the S&P 500.

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