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The Lighthouse Project Offer!

              I thought you’d never ask.  We have a solution and we are doing this actively for several households now.  Let us take inventory of your various CDs or savings vehicles that have maturities.   We will map them out on a calendar, noting when they mature, the amount, and the location of the funds (bank info).   As these cash alternatives mature, we can help you make sure that you do NOT roll them into another CD paying less and less interest and instead move them into more productive fixed income investment options.  Sometimes there is an automatic rollover provision in place unless you explicitly instruct the bank NOT to rollover the CD. Both of our Income strategies are still earning a very stable 5% return net of all fees despite this very low interest rate environment.  Either would be an appropriate alternative to CDs considering the reinvestment risk looking forward.  

                We call this type of offer the Lighthouse Project because we are keeping the light on for those out there in the dark with your passive investments that are either in troubled waters or adrift at sea.  Let us help you make a plan to redeploy your cash alternatives into something more productive.  As they say, don’t fight the Fed- especially when they are lowering your interest payments on cash!

Just a little tip while we watch stock do nothing.


Sam Jones