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Getting Started

The Builder

Peak earning years, accumulating wealth stage
Ages (40–60)

Financial Goals

Saving for retirement with IRAs and company retirement plans, Tax efficient investing, Debt and cash flow, College Savings plans, planning and assessment, accumulating wealth, adequate insurance

Personal Goals

Higher living standards, vacation property, club memberships, achieving career goals, healthy living, balancing the expense of growing children + aging parents, convenience and efficiency, making change for good, possible second career

Professional Team Requirements

Asset Management

Growth orientation, mild risk management, advice on 401k investments and education accounts (help you help yourself), investment education, preference for stock and stock funds. Tax efficient investing.

Prescribed Strategy Allocation

50% Tactical Equity, 30% Blended Asset and 20% Income

Financial Planning

Consolidating investment accounts, insurance review (LT Care, Life and Disability), real estate holdings, and measuring allocation of income to 50/30/20 rule (Budgeting, Essential expenses, financial priorities, Lifestyle Choices), Inheritance and divorce planning

Estate Planning

Developing / updating wills and trusts

Tax Prep and Planning

Strategic tax planning and annual preparation