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Getting Started

Moving into established careers, early foundation of family wealth
Ages (<40 )

Financial Goals

First time home buyer / larger home, paying off college loans, managing income vs expenses / budgeting effectively, debt and cash flow, balancing savings vs debt, financial stability, business startup, participation in company retirement plans, college savings plans, accumulating wealth, adequate insurance.

Personal Goals

Dreamer, focus on career goals, marriage, family, entertainment, increasing living standards, healthy living, home ownership, adjust to expenses of growing children, convenience and efficiency, making change for good, investing for profit and purpose

Professional Team Requirements

Asset Management

Growth orientation with moderate risk management, advice on 401k investments and education accounts, investment education, preference for stock and equity holdings over bonds

Prescribed Strategy Allocation

60% Tactical Equity, 30% Blended Asset and 10% Income

Financial Planning

Budgeting, assist with starting investment accounts, insurance options, mortgage and refinancing options, and measuring allocation of income to 50/30/20 rule (essential expenses, financial stability, lifestyle choices).

Estate Planning

Developing wills, predator and creditor protection

Tax Prep and Planning

Planning and annual preparation