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Getting Started

Making the Turn

Those in years surrounding retirement (+/- 5), adjusting to reduced income and declining expenses.
Ages (61–70)

Financial Goals

Peak saving years working toward “enough to retire”. Tax efficient investing, Debt reduction, charitable giving, Pre and post retirement planning, Social security, Medicare, and supplemental healthcare insurance, vacation property or interests. Settling estates of deceased parents. Business succession planning, valuation and liquidation.

Personal Goals

Highest living standards, home remodeling, vacation property, family reunions, achieving career goals, fountain of youth, friends and family. Getting children out on their own.

Professional Team Requirements

Asset Management

Moderate risk portfolio. Termination and Rollover of 401k plans to self directed investment allocations. Beginning systematic withdrawals as needed to subsidize living expenses post retirement.

Prescribed Strategy Allocation

30% Tactical Equity, 40% Blended Asset and 30% Income strategies

Financial Planning

Consolidating investment accounts for effective monitoring and optimizing whole portfolio construction, Review of personal balance sheet. Cash flow analysis pre and post retirement. Social Security and Medicare options.

Estate Planning

Review and update wills (trusts), predator and creditor protection. Estate tax planning.

Tax Prep and Planning

Annual strategic tax planning and preparation