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Getting Started

Living Right

Investors who have made the lifestyle adjustments associated with retirement and want their investment money to continue to work for them, their family those who they value.
Ages (70+) 

Financial Goals

Conservation of current assets, income generation and systematic withdrawals to meet living expenses.  Gifting and wealth transfer to next generation.

Personal Goals

Possible hobby career, self actualization, passing wisdom and/or teaching, staying healthy and active, trips of a lifetime (bucket list), grandchildren and family reunions, enjoying life with plenty of "R and R".

Professional Team Requirements

Asset Management

Conservative portfolio with minor risk to capital and modest but consistent returns over all time frames.

Prescribed Strategy Allocation 

20% Tactical Equity, 40% Blended Asset and 40% Income

Financial Planning

Consolidating investment accounts for effective monitoring and optimizing whole portfolio risk and return objectives, Annual withdrawal rate, cash flow and balance sheet analysis. Charitable giving.

Estate Planning

Review and update wills (trusts), predator and creditor protection.  Distribution of wealth to next generation.

Tax Prep and Planning

Annual strategic tax planning and preparation