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Getting Started

How to Start

Thank you for your consideration in allowing us to serve as your trusted financial advisor. The first step in developing our relationship involves getting to know you and your entire financial outlook including personal information, income and debt, accumulated wealth, investment preferences and goals. We want to understand you at a high level in order to serve you at a high level.

Step 1 - Submit your name and email to us

All we need to get the conversation started is your name and we will do the rest. Clicking the link below will populate an email addressed to info@AllSeasonFunds.com. Include your name and any specific questions you may have.

Please see this as a low opportunity cost activity. Once we have received your email, we will move onto step 2.

Step 2 - Getting Familiar with You

Once you have completed Step 1, you will be sent a secure Confidential Questionnaire. The questionnaire can only be accessed through a secure PIN which we will send in a separate personalized email from our team in Denver. Once you have received both the link to the questionnaire and the PIN please follow the link and follow the instructions for submitting your information through our secure PreciseFP portal. 

We will contact you using the information provided in your confidential questionnaire in order to answer any further questions and schedule a meeting in person. We hope to review your specific circumstances and identify where you may need assistance in your financial planning outlook.

Step 3 – Get Familiar with Us

We would encourage you to spend some time on this website starting with our client profiles on the left. Which one best describes you? These profiles serve as a starting point for our investment and wealth management services recommendations based on your phase of life. You might also familiarize yourself with our investment strategies and wealth management packages as well as read a few of our recent blog posts in our Resource Center.

Our Services Resource Center