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All Season Financial Advisors, Harbor Research and The Rocky Mountain Institute Present:

Investing In Climate Science

May 10, 2018

@ Boulder Commons 2490 Junction Place, Suite 200, Boulder CO 80301

4-4:30 - Building Tour - Gathering and Refreshments

4:30 - 6 PM Panel Discussion with Q and A

          Our panel is looking to build the bridges and strengthen the connections between Investing, Climate Science, and Emerging Technologies. Sam Jones, President of All Season Financial Advisors, Thomas Koch, Principal of RMI, and Alex Glaser, Director of Development with Harbor Research will be presenting their ideas, findings, predictions and more in a panel discussion at the Boulder Commons - The largest multi-tenant Net Zero Energy building in Boulder. 

          The goal of the panel is to help interested investors, charitable givers, and lifelong students to better connect the worlds of investing and climate science. Specifically, the panel will discuss the ever-changing landscape of the energy revolution and the pending convergence with leading edge technologies offering solutions to the challenges of climate change. Q & A will be facilitated.

This event will be appropriate for all ages. Refreshments will be provided. 

Interested in attending? Sign up below - Space is limited

About the Presenters:

                   Sam Jones, operating as President of ASFA, and founder of The New Power Fund, has established sustainability, responsibility and impact investing as map, compass and sextant for his investment management platform. These values , along with more modern risk management techniques allow ASFA to align client values and social good. Sam has a personal and professional interest in the renewable energy field as well as green or Socially Responsible Investing. He earned a vocational certificate as an Energy Master from the CSU extension office in 2014 and regularly speaks on the economics of progressive energy.  He has an undergraduate degree in Finance and Economics from Colby College and a Masters in IT from the Daniels College of Business at the University of Denver.  Sam is certified by the Financial Planning Association to teach Technical Analysis.  

           Sam Jones is the principal owner and founder of All Season Financial Advisors, a fee-only, SEC Registered Investment Advisor managing $180M in assets for high net worth households since 1994.   He is also a past president of NAAIM (National Association of Active Investment Managers), The Premier Association of Active Money Managers, a 200-member association of Registered Investment Advisors.

          Alex is an expert in strategy consulting, value chain analysis, and research development across a variety of industries including heavy industry, energy, manufacturing, transportation, smart cities and telecom. He also has deep experience developing qualitative and quantitative research studies related to the Internet of Things and smart systems. He has helped develop Harbor’s research programs, methodologies, designs, and services.

            As the director of development of Harbor Research and an expert in smart systems thinking and design, he is responsible for leading the firm’s marketing, operations, and business development strategy. Alex also helps lead Harbor’s Smart Systems Lab program – a real world laboratory where organizations can design, prototype, and test new models for delivering smart systems and services value.

          Thomas is an engineer by education, trained in operations and drilled in business acumen at McKinsey & Company. He built the very first "McKinsey Marginal Abatement Cost Curve" in 2005 and spent the following 8 years building what would become a full scale Practice (business area) around Sustainability and Resource Productivity. Thomas brings broad cross-sector insight in Energy and Climate related opportunities and extensive experience from on-site work with industrial facilities to improve productivity of energy, carbon and other resources, through 100+ site visits globally. 

          Prior to joining RMI, he spent the majority of his professional career at McKinsey & Company, where he launched and built up the  Sustainability Practice together with a small core leadership team, through entrepreneurial leadership and by spearheading new methodologies and developing expertise. His expertise has been built together with clients, applied to specific industrial facilities. The primary focus of  his work has been on energy intensive industry, metal processing and  mining in particular.


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Thursday, December 7th, 2017

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Dustin Nelson CPA

2017 Client Appreciation Event

Thank you to all who joined us for our Client Appreciation Event! 

Psychic soulmates, Anthem and Aria, surprised and amazed the audience with their engaging  

performance on October 4th at our magical event, consistent with our theme,

“Not Everything is as it Seems”.

 Mizel Arts and Culture Center (maccjcc.org)