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Here are the top 10 reasons to work with All Seasons Financial Advisors.

1. Honesty, Fairness and Full Transparency

  • We never take possession of your money as it is always invested directly through our custodians
  • Our personal assets are invested in our own strategies
  • You have the safety and security of Fidelity Investments as the primary custodian of your assets
  • We are held to the regulatory standards of a higher authority – Federal SEC, not state of CO.
  • You can see everything; every trade, all costs, holdings, on-line 24/7 – decide for yourself if we’re acting in your best interest.

2. Real Results Speak For Themselves

  • A real history of performance since the late 90’s.
  • Nothing is hypothetical or based on theoretical results
  • We use a market-driven, dynamic approach to investing with emphasis on producing high-risk adjusted returns
  • We are in the business of wealth creation, not just managing money 

3. Our compensation is Purely Fee-Only and Cost Effective.

  • We never collect commissions, trails, loads, or any other form of compensation to manage your investments.
  • This puts us on the same side of the table as our clients with the common incentive of seeing your wealth grow.
  • No middleman between you and the management of your accounts.
  • Whenever possible, we use low-cost ETFs or individual stock with very low trading fees.
  • The average management fee is less than the average mutual fund expense ratio.

4. We Manage Your Serious Money

  • We encourage “sandbox” play accounts to satisfy your inner DIY investor.
  • We manage the money you can’t afford to gamble with.

5. Protection from Yourself

  • We offer a system of unemotional management
  • At All Season Financial Advisors, we protect you from the bad behaviors associated with an investment. We are always a phone call away, should you have an idea you need to take a bite out of.

Annual average returns

6. Coordination, Organization, Aggregation

  • Multiple accounts, registrations, custodians, managers – oh my! We keep it all organized for you, aggregated into one on-line place where you can run reports and view your entire portfolio with a few clicks from anywhere; home, office or mobile.
  • We help coordinate your messy financial world; Tax reporting, record keeping, consolidating your IRAs and that 401k from your old employer, optimizing your cash flow needs, registering accounts, funding trusts – we do it all.
  • An organized financial world is more efficient and productive toward building and retaining your wealth.
  • We offer a full service Wealth Management Package "One stop shop" (Estate Planning, Financial Planning, CPA, Money Management, and Insurance Solutions).
  • Convenience: Two wealth management teams (Western Slope and Denver to serve you.

7. Tax Efficient Investing Strategies

  • Three unique STAMP (Strategic Tax Advantaged Management Program) strategies for high income producers or those in a higher tax bracket.
  • The "Taxable" account is taxed annually, while the "Tax-Deferred" account is taxed only when funds are distributed.
  • The benefits of tax deferred growth is undeniable even including the ultimate tax payment upon distribution at age 65.

8. That Human Thing

  • We are a services company and our long-term clients agree that we are able to provide excellent service.
  • We are happy to provide client testimonials at your request
  • Direct communication – we answer the phone and reply to your emails. No phone tree or computer-generated email response.
  • Wealth management is as complex as your life with changes in family structure, health, wealth, business interests, employment, goals, and circumstances. We have the team of live individuals who are here to provide solutions in person.
  • It’s important to get to know you. We host Quarterly Live Solution Series events and Annual Meetings so our clients can see us, hear us, and feel us.

9.  We Behave Responsibly and Believe in Sustainability

  • Ecologically sound business practices become economically profitable over time.
  • ASFA donates a percentage of profits every year to non-profits pushing for environmental education and positive social change.
  • Our own facility operates on solar powered electricity and we are working to become a fully paperless office.
  • If your choice is to invest in Socially Responsible Investment methodologies, we have options for you in that sphere. Please take a look at our New Power Fund

10. Age of our Firm 

  • We are in the sweet spot regarding age, experience, and enthusiasm for what we do
  • Our team has combined tenure in the financial sector of over 100 years while our ages range from 29-59.
  • You will not get that “Dear John” letter from us.