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1. Can you describe your investment philosophy and how you manage risk?

We use a well-defined investment process that balances net exposure, selection, and position size to accommodate current market conditions, risks and opportunities. We have structured our trading guidelines to weather “all seasons” of the market. Avoiding permanent loss of capital (risk) while earning a consistent return that compounds over time is statistically the fastest way to build wealth. Our systems work to achieve this goal by generating asymmetric returns (positive upside capture ratios) in all strategies. All of our investment strategies have a few common characteristics that utilize an active trading approach to generate returns using our own proprietary trading system. All strategies use specialty mutual funds, exchange traded funds, individual stocks, limited partnerships, and bonds in fluid combination depending on market conditions and investment goals.

See our investment categories for more info 

2. What is your long-term track record?

We are proud to demonstrate our value by way of our institutional grade performance data provided through our third party provider, Liquid Indexes. Take a look to see how we have done by visiting the Performance History and Stats section of each investment category 

3. How can we trust your performance numbers?

Our performance numbers are recorded via Orion Advisor and displayed by Liquid Indexes. We have the upmost confidence in these third parties to provide accurate performance data and have been pleased with their ability to remain up to date on a monthly basis. Feel free to review our [performance history and statistics] area for more detail.

4. Is your investment process well defined and repeatable?

We use a rigid process when deciding when and what to purchase. Our Investment decision making can best be presented as the following chart. (Download a larger version)

5. Why shouldn’t I just buy a diversified group of index funds and avoid paying a manager?

This practice is commonly referred to as passive asset allocation. Implementing this seemingly simple approach is much more challenging than you think (or are told). Why? Because investors are human and humans have a very difficult time sticking to their discipline or long term investment plan at the height of significant bull markets as well as the very lows of every bear market. Chasing returns and avoiding pain are natural instincts and they drive investors to abandon their “long term” investment asset allocations at exactly the worst times. The evidence of this practice is not debatable. Beyond human nature, we are constantly lured away from our discipline by the temptations of new investment products or opinions of others. Finally, there will always be something you hate in your portfolio. Will you have the strength to hold it over time? Most do not. A good manager has systems and a well-defined process that avoids these emotionally driven decisions keeping you on track toward building real wealth.

6. How do you report back to me? How often do we communicate regarding investment and what do your reports looks like?

Our custodian, Fidelity sends monthly statements to all clients. Also, each client receives a customized quarterly portfolio review report from us.  We will be happy to provide examples of our reports at your request.

7. How do your fees compare with other money managers or with the average equity mutual fund?

Our average annual household pays a fee of 1.25%/ year matching the average management fee for the financial services industry in 2016. However, most advisors in our industry don’t do what we do in terms of risk management or complete financial advice. We have been accurately described having similarities to a hedge fund specifically for individual accounts inside a comprehensive wealth management services firm. By comparison, hedge funds can charge up to 2%/ year plus 20% of annual returns. After including our package of financial planning advice with subsidized tax prep and estate planning services, 1.25% is very competitive.

8. How many clients do you have, and will I get personal service when I call your firm?

We currently cater to approximately 200 households nationwide. Our clients have been extremely satisfied with the level of personal service they receive. Our staff in Denver is available daily during business hours and always make time to personally address inquiries in a timely and efficient manner.

9. Has your firm ever been named in an SEC disciplinary action, or been involved in an arbitration case?

All Season Financial Advisors has never been cited for disciplinary action through the SEC or any other governing body nor have we been subject to any arbitration. We have been examined regularly through our history and have a clean record which is available for review through the IARD system. Our IARD identifier is 110404.

10.Will you provide me with references to discuss these questions and see if All Season Financial Advisors is right for me?

Yes. We have current clients that have volunteered to be references regarding our services and we would be happy to put you in touch with them.

11. How are your fees calculated? What are your fees based on?

Our annual fee is calculated on total assets under management and charged to clients on a quarterly basis (¼ of the annual rate). As we are a fee-only advisor and charge a fee for assets under management, we do not charge commissions and are not compensated by buying or selling specific securities in any way. We are interested in seeing your money grow and providing excellent advice in regards to your wealth servicing needs. We see this model as the most effective way to combat inherent conflicts of interest when investing. We operate as clear fiduciaries to our clients and have done so since the inception of our firm.

12. Who has actual custody of my account and how easily can I access information about it?

Our primary custodian is Fidelity Institutional and we provide 24/7 on-line and mobile access to client accounts through our website and through Fidelity.com. We expect that clients will independently review their performance regularly and we want to provide a completely transparent view of investment accounts at all times. In terms of reporting from us to you, you will receive monthly statements from Fidelity as well as more analytical quarterly reports from us generated and sent through our reporting software Orion Advisor.