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1. Can you describe your investment philosophy and how you manage risk?
2. What is your long-term track record?
3. How can we trust your performance numbers?
4. Is your investment process well defined and repeatable?
5. Why shouldn’t I just buy a diversified group of index funds and avoid paying a manager?
6. How do you report back to me? How often do we communicate regarding investment and what do your reports looks like?

Our custodian, Fidelity sends monthly statements to all clients. Also, each client receives a customized quarterly portfolio review report from us.  We will be happy to provide examples of our reports at your request.

7. How do your fees compare with other money managers or with the average equity mutual fund?
8. How many clients do you have, and will I get personal service when I call your firm?
9. Has your firm ever been named in an SEC disciplinary action, or been involved in an arbitration case?
10.Will you provide me with references to discuss these questions and see if All Season Financial Advisors is right for me?
11. How are your fees calculated? What are your fees based on?
12. Who has actual custody of my account and how easily can I access information about it?